Realtor FAQ


Why Should I Hire You?

A fair question - so we will try to answer some of your reservations here.


Image quality brings in more clients

MLS listings with superior images simply get more showings which translate into a happier client. Your client will also look up their listing and will see that their home is being accurately represented to other realtors.


Your client will feel better

The fact that you bring in a professional photographer at no upfront cost to your client helps them see you as a professional who hires specialists to help sell their home. No more walking around with a little camera or trying to be the jack of all trades.


Show the highlights rather than describe them.

If there is something particularly interesting about the property - it is better to show it in an image rather than describe it in words.


The Cursed WIDE SHOT

Most real estate photographers simply "show" the space. While it is true that one needs to see the whole space, we also attempt to explore the space. That being said, when a home is empty - with the exception of the kitchen or bathrooms - exploring can be a little more challenging.


Time is Money

If you are one of the busier realtors in Edmonton then you know this statement is true. So it might just be easier to send a photographer to the properly and have them deal with the shooting, editing and sizing of the images.


Potential buyers are visual

With email, websites, MLS etc - we have become a visual culture. Time is short for all of us and in today's market if buyers have 5 homes to choose from, they are simply going to view the ones that look best first. Perhaps in 2006 you didn't need good photographs to sell a home, but it's a fact you do now.



Our rates are fair. We are not overpriced, but nor are we bottom feeders. We attempt to keep our rates reasonable for realtors who want to up the level of their sales techniques